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• 1st resource and social app for 

Tattoo Artists.

• Connecting the industry like 

never before.

• Traveling the world while tattooing

has never been so easy until this app.


• Perfect for studio owners and 


• Save time ordering supplies by having access to all suppliers worldwide and order within one app instantly.


Key Features

Version 1.1.1 

•  1st tattoo resource and social app for tattoo artists. 

•  Post tattoos to your wall and explore, like, comment and friend request other artists worldwide.

• Browse and post hiring/guest spot listings making traveling the world while tattooing much easier to do.

• Connect with other like minded tattoo artists on a platform designed for it.

• Easy access to all brands/suppliers worldwide and shop within one app instantly.

• Buy/sell and trade tattoo equipment worldwide with fellow artists.

• 24/7 Private and live chatrooms with other tattoo artists.

• In-app messaging.

• Educational, health resources and references for every artist.

• Discover what's new within the industry with updates on conventions, seminars, artist interviews and more!!

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